Choosing the Best Car Oil

No car can function without oil, and different cars use different kinds of oil. Using the correct oil will increase your vehicles engine performance. It can also allow you to improve the fuel economy. It can be quite a daunting task when you are choosing motor oil. There are many options out there, and you may not know which the right oil for your vehicle is. If you want to find out the right type of oil for your car, then you should continue reading.

Age of the vehicle

age of the vehicleCars or trucks that have more than 75000 miles need to have high mileage oil. In case you notice that your engine is making noise, the spring has an oil leak, and if there are oil spots in your driveway, it is time to make a switch to a high mileage oil. If your vehicle covers a lot of miles, then make sure that you get the appropriate oil to last it those extra miles.

Type of oil

There are different engine oils at your disposal, and you need to choose the appropriate one for your vehicle. Before picking the oil for your truck, you need to know the options that are available for you. The conventional oil is made of petroleum. It is the most common type of oil used in passenger vehicles. The second type of oil is synthetic oil which performs better in low and high-temperature extremes. It is a suitable choice for high-performance vehicles. The synthetic blend oil is yet oil at your disposal. Click on the highlighted link for the Best oil change New Orleans.


The way engine oil performs at different temperatures will depend on the viscosity. If you are in an area that is cold, then you should go for synthetic motor oil. The oil should also have the lowest winter rating. Such oil will give you the best protection during those cold starts. When the weather is warmer, you need to follow the manufacturer’s label on the proper engine oil and oil drain interval

Driving style

engineThere are two main types of driving styles; short drives around the cities and more extended drive at highway speeds. City driving has a great toll on your engines because you make a lot of stops and starts. If you drive short distances, then your engine will be running below its optimal temperature. You need to go for high-performance oil which can stick out for a long time.