Different Applications Of The Lie Detectors

A lie detector, also known as a polygraph is the latest technology specifically designed to distinguish lies from the truth. A lie detector monitors the subjects physiological reactions by measuring his/her blood pressure, pulse rate, the conductivity of the skin and respiration as he/she answers questions. It is believed that ones physiological reactions when telling a lie are normally different from those of the truth. Unlike many other previous inventions, a polygraph is the only one known to have extremely significant effects on human life.Although few people are allowed to use polygraphs, they are commonly used in some sectors in the United States and other countries. The following are the uses of the lie detectors.

Used in criminal investigations

hghghghghgnbnbnbAlmost all law enforcement agencies like FBI, NSA, CIA have employed the use of the lie detector as an interrogation technique.Polygraphs have been found to have profound effects on criminal suspects since they enable the officers to distinguish deceptive answers from the non-deceptive answers. This way they are sure to punish the real offenders of the law and give justice to their victims.

Screening of government employees

One of the uses of the lie detectors is to identify threats to national security. It is common practice for malicious individuals or organizations to gain access to confidential information or even pose a threat to national security by working as government employees.Therefore, government organizations ensure that employees take pre-employment or during-employment polygraph tests in order to identify spies, terrorists and saboteurs.As a result the country is able to prevent valuable employees from losing their jobs as well as improving the general productivity of national security agencies.

Forensic evidence in court

In some countries, polygraph tests are enough to stand as forensic evidence in court. Defense attorneys are allowed to present polygraph test results as substantial evidence.Prosecutors also use polygraph results together with other additionally evidence to make sound decisions.This is based on the belief that on most occasions lie detectors do not lie. Probation officers are also allowed to monitor sex offenders and identify which individual have been truly rehabilitated using lie detectors.

Used in the private sector

hjhjhjhjtyt655The bank is the most sensitive place one can ever work in. Most banks use lie detectors on their employees to ensure continued honesty and loyalty. Some Companies and corporations in the private sector also use polygraph tests for situations like theft investigations.

Lie detectors really come in handy when security, honesty and loyalty is concerned. As a result there is less professional misconduct and negligence leading to improved productivity. However, companies are allowed to use lie detectors only up to the extents allowed by the law.

Marital and family counseling

In cases where one spouse suspects the other of unfaithfulness, a marriage counselor is allowed to use the lie detector on the spouse concerned to prove innocence.They should be used only up to the extents allowed by law.