Home Ventilation


The most practical way of making the air in your home fresh and suitable is by ventilation. Most of the time during hot weather you require something to keep your home cool. We build our homes using organic materials that are harmful when they emit their components. For this reason, you need to ventilate your home.

Natural ways of ventilating your home

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Water is a very vital element in oriental landscape and designs for homes. Water elements like fountains and swimming pools act as transitions where air will cool naturally before going to your home. Consider having such water elements in your home for natural ventilation.

Bamboo or wicker furnishings

Materials made of bamboo and wickers are good agents in maintaining air flow. This is because they are airy in construction and have little heat retention. Use wickers or bamboos to do your home furnishings both for indoors and outdoors.

Earth mounds

Earth mounds are a biomimicry which usually derives its air from insect mounds. Adding these as part of your home or landscape helps in air circulation more so during summer when the weather is hot.

Air deflectors

You can position your air deflectors vertically or horizontally to change the airflow to be required direction. They can be in the form of slats or louvers. Note that they should be on a higher level for proper air motion redirection.

Window orientation

You should orient your windows on the south or north areas of your home. This way you can achieve optimum cross ventilation without hindering the beautiful view of your home. These will encourage natural breeze thus drawing in fresh air into your home.


Clerestories provide not only natural but also improve the quality of airflow in your home. Warm air goes upward as it is the norm. Clerestories act as spaces and vents for the accumulation of hot air that rises.

Ground coverings

Covering yosdfgddfgfdsfghfdfghfghjjghjgfhjghur home with grass and other components that are low heat absorbers is another natural ventilation way. Heat retention in the ground is very minimal while using this. Air being directed to your home will, therefore, be cool.

These natural ventilation mechanisms have numerous advantages. Energy costs are highly cut down, and the quality of air is improved. Chemical emitted by air conditioners is reduced. Using these mechanisms have great positive impacts on the people and the environment in general.